Wine & Drinks

The wine list is focused on local and Italian favourites with many available by the glass.  Chianti, Soave, Montepulciano, Pinot Grigio, Valpolicella, Dolcetto and Barolo are all represented on the list.  Local producers featured include Foxeys Hangout, Baillieu & Quealy Vineyard.  Locals ‘in the know’ order from the ever changing wine specials board.
Ciao Bella offers a range of Italian style aperitif.  Campari, Aperol, Italian Beer & Prosecco flow freely on busy summer evenings.
San Pellegrino soft drinks are available as well as freshly squeezed orange/grapefruit juice.  Thick Italian hot chocolate is available and Lavazza coffee with decaf being available as well.

    • Aperitivi

      Aperitivi is a traditional pre-dinner drink, meant to be consumed in that liminal hour between work and play. The herbal and botanical ingredients stimulate the appetite, making it the perfect start to a great meal. Saluti!

    • Venetian Spritz


      Thought by many to be the original spritz, made with the favourite aperitivo of Venice, ‘Select’.

    • Aperol Spritz


      The most iconic of all Italian aperitivi. The sweetest spritz of the classics. Aperol, Valdo Valdobbiadene Prosecco, finished with a dash of soda.

    • Limoncello Spritz


      A sweeter and zestier spritz. Villa Massa limoncello, Valdo Valdobbiadene Prosecco, with a spash of San Pellegrino Limonata.

    • Bellini


      An Italian classic cocktail with Valdo Valdobbiadene Prosecco & peach nectar.

    • Negroni


      This drink was born in a bar in Florence in 1919. Count Camillo Negroni asked his friend, bartender Forsco Scarselli, to strengthen his favourite cocktail – the Americano – by replacing the soda water with gin.

    • Pompelmo


      One of our favourites and super refreshing. Capi ruby grapefruit soda, Tanqueray London Dry Gin, house-made rosemary syrup.

    • Campari


      Herbaceous quinine bitterness balanced with syrupy sweetness flavoured with blood orange zest, mint, cherry and honey. Best served with soda or fresh orange juice.

    • Aperol


      Zesty orange with delicate bitterness. Flavours of zesty orange marmalade and pink grapefruit predominate with herbal undertones. Best served with a splash of soda and an orange wedge.

    • Select


      Attractive berry fruit, orange citrus and sweet lavender-like floral notes. Select is fruitier than Campari and with a softer finish. Best served with a splash of soda and an orange wedge.

    • Rosso Antico


      Lightly sweet and delicately spiced with bitter overtones. Orange zest, rosemary, thyme, caramel and coffee. Best served on the rocks with an orange wedge.

    • Sparkling + Rosé

    • 2016 Elgee Park Cuvée Brut


      - Merricks North, Victoria
      60% chardonnay, 40% pinot noir - Aromas of melon, green apple and citrus fruit.

    • NV Valdo Valdobbiadene Prosecco


      - Veneto, Italia
      100% Prosecco - Attractive aromas of white fruit. On the palate it is surprisingly mineral with notes of apple.

    • 2020 Foxey's Hangout Rosé


      - Red Hill, Victoria
      50% pinot noir, 50% shiraz. A dry rose with bright acidity and nice savouriness, aromas of strawberries, spice, floral and Turkish delight.

    • Mornington Peninsula White

    • 2019 Kerri Greens 'Hickson' Chardonnay


      - Red Hill South, Victoria
      100% Chardonnay - Aromas and flavours of citrus and white peach. Dry with lovely balance.

    • 2020 Quealy Pinot Grigio


      - Balnarring, Victoria
      100% Pinot Grigio - Aroma of rock pool, pear and wood smoke. Light and energetic on the palate with a delicious dollop of creamy fruit.

    • 2019 Baillieu Pinot Gris


      - Merricks, Victoria
      100% Pinot Grigio - A medium bodied palate with spicy hints, blend into a dry finish. Pale straw in colour, the aromas of pure fruit, poached pear and honeysuckle.

    • Mornington Peninsula Red

    • 2018 Quealy ‘Ciao Bella’ Pinot Noir


      -Red Hill South, Victoria
      100% Pinot Noir - From barrels hand selected by Claudio & Marisa, aromas of poached fruit and light floral notes, soft tannin with medium body.

    • 2019 Fenian 'The Big Fella' Syrah


      -Red Hill South, Victoria
      White pepper and subtle hints of fine leather dominate the bouquet. Palate is long and refined with blackberry and spice, with a long finish of silky tannins.

    • 2014 Merricks Estate Shiraz


      -Merricks, Victoria
      100% Shiraz - Supple and round, with flavours and aromas of black fruit, liquorice and spice.

    • 2018 Elgee Park Pinot Noir


      -Merricks North, Victoria
      100% Pinot Noir - Smoked spice aromas and hints of chocolate over dark rich cherry fruit. Savoury and red stone fruit flavours.

    • Italian Red

    • 2019 Castello di Querceto Sangiovese


      -Toscana, Italia
      100% Sangiovese - Lively fresh, with notes of red fruits and white pepper.

    • 2018 Varvaglione Negroamaro


      -Puglia, Italia
      100% Negroamaro - Ruby red with scents of wild berries. Flavours of vanilla with long persistence. Velvety and soft.

    • 2019 Tedeschi 'Lucchine' Valpolicella


      -Veneto, Italia (D.O.C.)
      25% Corvina, 25% Corvinone, 30% Rondinella; 10% Molinara; 10% Rossignola, Negrara, Dindarella - Fresh with notes of cherries and red currants. Great acidity, well balanced structure.

    • 2012 Monte Santocci Amarone della Valpolicella Classico Superiore


      -Veneto, Italia (D.O.C.G.)
      40% Corvino, 30% Covinone, 25% Rondinella, 5% Molinaro - Hand-picked fruit dried for 90 days, then wine is aged for 30 months. Colour is deep ruby with clean intense aromas of black cherries, dark plums.

    • 2018 Cascina Ghercina Barbera d'Alba


      -Piemonte, Italia (D.O.C.)
      100% Barbera - Rich structure; expansive bouquet showing ripe fruit; mouth-filling, long finish.

    • 2018 Bricco Maiolica Langhe Nebbiolo


      -Piemonte, Italia (D.O.C.)
      100% Nebbiolo - Fruity bouquet with hints of raspberry, strawberry and red-currant. Smooth flavour, fresh and delicate with mild tannins.

    • 2018 Castello Di Querceto Chianti Classico


      -Toscana, Italia (D.O.C.G.)
      100% Sangiovese - Aromas of sun-dried tomatoes, dried cherry and baked earth. Silky smooth and full-bodied.

    • 2018 Castelli Di Martinozzi Rosso Di Montalcino


      -Toscana, Italia (D.O.C.)
      100% Sangiovese - Aromas of grilled herb, cracked pepper and eucalyptus. Round palate has flavours of raspberry and notes of star anise.

    • 2016 Capoforte Primitivo


      -Puglia, Italia
      100% Primitivo - Rich aromas of wild red berries. Flavours of dark cherry and plums, great structure with a velvety texture.

    • 2012 Giulia Negri Serradenari Barolo


      -Piemonte, Italia (D.O.C.G.)
      100% Nebbiolo - Very pure aromas of red and black berries, with notes of tobacco, rum and dried rose petals.

    • 2012 Costa Di Bussia Tenuta Arnulfo Bussia Barolo


      -Piemonte, Italia (D.O.C.G.)
      100% Nebbiolo - The best grapes are harvested over-ripe, to get a more intense color. On the nose, hints of tobacco and ripe fruits are easily recognizable, with sensations of sweet and silky tannins.

    • 2017 Cantina Zaccagnini Montepulciano


      -Abruzzo, Italia (D.O.C.)
      100% Monepulciano - Deep red, aromas of dark cherry. Palate is soft and fruity, dry finish with soft tannins.

    • Italian White

    • 2019 Bertani Velante Pinot Grigio


      - Veneto, Italia
      100% Pinot Grigio - Full, intense and great balance. Aromas of cherry, apple and mango with an intense mineral structure.

    • 2019 Soave Classico ‘Meridies’


      -Veneto, Italia (D.O.C.)
      100% Garganega - Aromas of white fruit with notes of almond. Bright palate with lively white fruit, with some peppery spice.

    • 2019 San Michele Appiano Pinot Bianco


      -Trentino-Alto Adige, Italia (D.O.C.)
      100% Pinot Bianco - Straw yellow with a green shimmer, clean fruity notes of apple, apricot and pear. Well balanced with a fruit-incised creaminess.

    • 2019 Grillo Parlante Fondo Antico


      -Sicilia, Italia (D.O.C.)
      100% Grillo - Floral lemongrass, with a hint of almond skins on the finish, minerality balanced, nesty and persistent.

    • 2017 Benanti Etna Bianco


      -Sicilia, Italia (D.O.C.)
      100% Carricante - This wine offers a great introduction to one of the most important indigenous grapes. Carricate is typical of the volcanic area of Mount Etna, intense and rich with fruity characteristics. 

    • 2019 Poggio Dei Principi Pinot Grigio


      -Veneto, Italia (D.O.C.)
      100% Pinot Grigio - Aromas of peaches and citrus. Zesty with lovely minerality and flavours of yellow fruit.

    • 2019 Borgo Dei Trulli Vermentino


      - Puglia, Italia
      100% Vermentino - Aromas of peach, lemon peel, mango and dry herbs. Saline minerality comes through and blends with a complex and pleasantly fresh acidity.

    • 2018 Cascina Ghercina Roero Arneis


      -Piemonte, Italia (D.O.C.G.)
      100% Roero Arneis - An array of flowers and fruits, with chamomile and apricots featuring. Long and delicate, with good structure.

    • Italian Beer

    • Collesi 'Chiara' Blonde Ale


      -Marche, Italia
      A well-balanced blonde ale obtained from Pilsen Malt. Unpasteurized and naturally bottle conditioned, Collesi Chiara Craft Beer instantly captivates with its bright and shiny golden color. International Beer Chalange 2012 Gold Medal. 500mL bottle served in signature glassware.

    • Costa Est American Style IPA


      -Marche, Italia
      This American IPA style craft beer is pleasantly bitter with a long finish, with notes of fresh yellow fruit including peach and apricot. A great pairing with rich meats. Very low gluten content, suitable for people with gluten sensitivity.

    • Peroni Rossa – Italy


      -Lazio, Italia
      Italy’s number one beer! Peroni Rossa offers a slightly darker colour with more pronounced malty and hoppy characteristics than the well known Nastro Azzurro.

    • Peroni Leggera


      Lazio, Italia
      Fresh taste and fine subtle aroma which is a signature of the Peroni brand. Leggera is brewed to be low carb and low alcohol.

    • Moretti


      -Friuli Venezia-Giulia, Italia
      Golden coloured, perfectly balanced with a delicate malty flavour. Easy to drink with a clean finish. An Italian favourite since 1859.

    • Baracca


      -Veneto, Italia
      A crisp Italian lager that is the perfect all round quencher, named after Italy’s most successful fighter pilot - Francesco Baracca.

    • Ichnusa


      -Sardinia, Italia
      An outstanding pale lager and is highly appreciated in Italy. Crisp and refreshing, balanced flavour with light notes of hops.

    • Rest of The World Beer

    • Red Hill Brewery Golden Ale


      -Red Hill, Victoria
      Pale and crisp light bodied ale, fruity with a restrained hoppy dryness from Hallertauer & Tettnanger hop flowers. Cool fermentation creates a crisp, clean finish.

    • James Boags Premium


      -Tasmania, Australia

    • James Boags Light


      -Tasmania, Australia

    • Crown Lager


      -Victoria, Australia

    • Corona


      -Mexico City, Mexico